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Pocket Sprung & Memory Foam Mattresses

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Pocket sprung & memory foam mattresses provide ultimate pressure relief and comfort. Pocket springs offer tailored support while memory foam relieves the pressure points and tension in your body. Our range of pocket sprung mattresses includes great savings on quality brands and free delivery as standard.

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Sleepsnug Refresh 1000 Mattress - Corner

Sleepsnug Refresh 1000 Mattress


Was: £450.00

You Save: £301.00 (66.9%)

From: £149.00

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Contoura Memory Pocket 1000 Mattress

Contoura Memory Pocket 1000 Mattress

From: £139.99

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Most recent reviews in Pocket Sprung & Memory Foam

  • Review for Sleepeezee Cool Comfort 1400 Mattress

    Love this mattress.

    High quality mattress, really comfortable. I would say it feels more firm than medium, but it is very comfortable. I am really pleased with the mattress and the quick delivery. The delivery man was very helpful . Definitely recommend this product and company.

    posted by Miss Turner (14/05/2014)

  • Review for Sleepsnug Refresh 1500 Mattress

    Very Comfortable

    I find this mattress nice and firm at first, with a firm supportive base. As the foam warms a little it becomes softer to give just enough give to relieve pressure without becoming a soft mattress.

    posted by Rajeev (19/03/2014)

  • Review for Contoura Memory Pocket 1000 Mattress

    No more sneezes!

    Having great sleeps on this mattress, and my husband has stopped sneezing!

    posted by Stella (15/03/2014)


More on Pocket Sprung & Memory Foam Mattresses

What is a Pocket Sprung and Memory Foam mattress?


The pocket sprung and memory foam mattresses provide a dual experience of comfort. The memory foam top eliminate pressure points on the body to offer better support and the pocket springs work individually to add extra foundation for superior repose.


What is a Pocket Sprung unit?


A pocket sprung unit helps the mattress conform to your body’s contours by a large number of individually housed springs, each working independently of the others and taking just the weight of the part of your body resting on it.

Pocket springs are smaller than the standard springs you will find in a coil sprung mattress, there are roughly 300 springs in a coil sprung mattress so if there are up to 2000 springs in a pocket spring mattress. Each of these springs are then housed in a fabric “pocket”, this allows them to work independently of each other. In a coil sprung mattress the springs are interwoven, meaning that if pressure is applied to one they all react to a greater or lesser degree.


What is Memory Foam?


Memory foam react to body heat and eliminate pressure points on the body, making a very comfortable mattress. Memory foam is effective at distributing weight and you will not be disturbed by a restless partner. They are also hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, making them ideal for allergy sufferers.

Memory foam makes mattresses denser and more supportive than traditional mattresses. It moulds to your body's shape which means it offers great support without compromising on comfort. By eliminating all pressure points, memory foam ensures your body is correctly aligned while you are sleeping.


The benefits of a Pocket Sprung and Memory Foam mattress


A pocket sprung and memory foam mattress is the best one if you're looking for comfort. You will get the feel of a traditional sprung mattress but with the benefit of sleeping on a layer of memory foam. Regardless of body weight and size your entire body is supported in the correct anatomical position providing spinal alignment for a natural sleeping position. Each pocket of springs work independently of one another helping to minimise disturbance when sleeping with your partner. Each spring is free to respond to and reduce specific pressure points.

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