LizRooSheetCompare.sidebyside_grandeCleanliness is stepping act to godliness. You need to keep your home safe and clean for human habitation. When you are having a small baby at home, you have to be careful in regards to cleanliness. The immune system of the baby will not be fully developed. There are chances for your cute little one to get affected by bacterial and viral illnesses. The sleeping environment should be in clean and pristine condition. It is important to clean their crib and mattress. It should be free from harmful microorganisms and bacteria.

Use mattress cover:
It is best to purchase a cover if the mattress does not have dust mite repellent and antibacterial properties. It prevents growth and buildup of dangerous microorganisms. It helps in avoiding diaper leaks and spills.

If the mattress is accumulated with too much of moisture, it promotes growth of mildew and molds. Molds are dangerous to human health. It has chances to cause poisoning and toxicity.

Clean the bed on regular basis:
Change pillow covers and bed covers once in two to three days. Ensure to change side covers and dust skirt of the crib. It is recommended to use mild clothes washing liquid to clean them. You can clean the covers by washing them in a washing machine. If needed, you can use antibacterial detergent. The microorganisms accumulated in the bed linens can be easily removed by washing them using detergent.

Vacuum the mattress. It is necessary to use vacuum machine that has HEPA filter. High Efficiency Particulate Air is the full form of HEPA. It helps in sucking small and minute dust particles. Ensure to vacuum in all corners of the mattress. You can even vacuum around the crib.

If you are using wooden crib for your baby, you need to clean to get rid of dirt and dust. Clean the casters or the wheels of the bed. You should not clean mattress using broom since it can spread the dust and dirt throughout the room. The vacuum machine is perfect as it sucks dust and dirt particles in proper manner.

When you follow these tips, you can maintain cleanliness in your baby mattresses.