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Shire eco DEEP Mattress

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Shire eco DEEP Mattress
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Dust Mite Resistant
  • Microcapsule Technology
  • Natural Filling
  • Turnable
  • Handles
  • Anti Bed Bug
  • Vents
  • 25cm
  • Medium
  • No roll-together
  • Pressure Relief
  • Hand Tufted
  • Cooling Effect
  • Pocket Sprung

The Shire eco DEEP is a pocket sprung mattress featuring over 1000 individual pocketed springs and an EcoShield treatment that makes this mattress entirely bedbug-free. Support, comfort and hypo-allergenic properties make this an exceptional mattress.

Features at a Glance
Brand: The Shire Bed Co
Promotions: On Sale
Guarantee: 1 Year
Width: Select size and other options
Length: Select size and other options
Mattress Type: Pocket Sprung
Mattress Finish: Cotton
Mattress Firmness: Medium
Spring Count: 1000
Mattress Depth: 25cm
Mattress Features: No roll-together, Pressure Relief, Cooling Effect, Hand Tufted, Vents, Anti Bed Bug, Dust Mite Resistant, Hypo-Allergenic, Microcapsule Technology, Natural Filling, Handles, Turnable
Delivery Time: Next Day Delivery
Detailed information

At Wedo Mattresses we have selected the Shire ecoDeep Mattress because it combines the hypo-allergenic and anti-bedbug properties common to all the mattresses in the range with natural fillings and a pocket spring system to ensure that you are supported, comfortable and not exposed to any allergy inducing bacteria, dust mites or insects. This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants the support of pocket springs but also to be able to sleep safe in the knowledge their bed could not be more conducive to a healthy night's sleep.

The 1000 pocket springs are each encased in their own fabric pocket that helps to provide perfectly balanced support for every part of your body. The fillings are one of the best selling points of this mattress as they include all natural products such as:

  • Natural wool - providing softness and regulating moisture
  • Mohair - lightweight and luxurious to enhance softness
  • Horsehair - durable, hardwearing and highly resilient
  • Silk - simultaneously warming and cooling, natural hypo-allergenic and offering superior comfort
  • Cashmere - light and soft yet strong, it is also natural insulator

These natural fillings and the cover are all treated with Ecoshield, an insect repellent which is completely harmless to humans and actually smells good as well. Its main active ingredient is 100% natural eucalyptus oil which not only has a subtle but pleasant smell, but is also known to help relieve sinus infections, bronchitis, flu and the common cold. The active ingredient is held in microcapsules which are released it over a long period of time by only breaking open when the mattress is in use. This is an excellent meeting of science and nature and will ensure that this mattress and all the others in this range provide possibly the healthiest sleeping environment possible.

The mattress is finished with air vents which allow air to circulate through the mattress helping to keep it fresh and to stop moisture from collecting and causing unpleasant odours. The mattress is hand tufted which helps to keep the various layers in place and ensuring that not only is this mattress supportive, comfortable and healthy but also durable and therefore a sound investment.

About The Shire Bed Co

The Shire Bed Co are based in Yorkshire and are proud of these roots. Their abiding principle is, "if a job's worth doing it's worth doing well," something that is there for all to see in every one of the excellent Shire mattresses and divans. They utilise pocket sprung and open coil units with a variety of fillings to offer a range which includes something for everyone, we are sure you will be more than happy with a Shire mattress.

Customer reviews
Very good!


Smells good and feels perfect not to firm not to soft (the medium one). would recommend it strongly!

kooka (12/03/2013)
very good

I am really pleased with this mattress, looks great to start with, not like a cheap and cheerful thing. To lie on it is comfort personified, whether it is the pocket springs or the fillings it is hard to tell but we can't get enough of it. Thought the eucalyptus smell might be a bit off putting but it is almost indiscernable after a couple of nights getting used to it and it wasn't a problem in the first place, quite nice in fact.

Polly-Anne (10/01/2012)
Eucalyptus is amazing




This smells really good, its not an overwhelming smell, just very subtle and strangely it works when going to sleep. Not only does it smell good, which is obviously an added bonus, but it seems to have solved my bedbug problem that was becoming infuriating. Not entirely sure how it works but it does. The pocket springs are very comfortable as well, I have come back to them after having had a memory foam mattress previously, these just feel more like a normal mattress and are all the better for it.

Hussein V (11/12/2011)




love it, simply a really good mattress, fast delivery, helpful people, 10/10

Jo Kerr (08/06/2011)
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