How to Cut a Mattress in Half for DisposalIf you are looking to dispose your mattress so you can buy a new one, you will find that official disposal mechanisms can be costly. But it can be difficult to dispose off a mattress yourself because of the sheer size of it. What is the solution? The perfect solution is to cut it into half so that you can easily dispose it off yourself. But scissors or simple shears won’t work for this. The best tool is a chainsaw. From gardening to household chores like this, a chainsaw can be of help for many reasons.

Steps to Cut Your Mattress in Half

Follow these steps and you will be able to easily cut up your mattress.

  1. Find out what kind of mattress you have – The kind of mattress you have is important because you can determine how difficult or easy it will be to cut up your mattress. If it is a full foam mattress it will be comparatively easier than, say, a spring mattress. The size of the mattress makes a difference too. The thinner it is, the faster you will be able to cut through.
  2. Get the right chainsaw – Find a chainsaw you are comfortable operating (read articles like this Remington Rodeo chainsaw review so you have an idea on of the best chainsaw on the market) – it should not be too large for you. Both gasoline and electric chainsaws can be used to cut a mattress. Before you get into the task, check if the chainsaw is in perfect condition and is serviced properly so that it doesn’t stop midway or end up injuring you.
  3. Be safe – Do not do this without wearing safety eye goggles, in case the mattress stuffing, springs and debris suddenly pop out. Eye gear is the most important, and wearing gloves can help too. You can never be too safe.
  4. Dispose of it properly – Now that it is cut in half you can easily dispose of it.

These simple tips will help you ensure that you can dispose off the mattress easily. Chainsaws offer the best and easiest way out, and one that you would love to use.