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Tips on How to Keep Your Bed Comfortable and Inviting

You spend a third of your day in bed. Because your bed is your closest companion for 8 hours each day, it is important to make it as comfortable as possible. At the end of a busy and tiring day at work, there’s nothing better than climbing into a fluffy bed with soft sheets, plush pillows, and a lovable furry throw. This will be the perfect thing to make a hard day’s work worth it.

There are few things you should do to make your sleep time sanctuary comfortable and inviting:

• Create the perfect sleep time oasis with your sheets. Your sheets will be in direct contact with your body for the entire duration of your sleep time. Keep your sheets nice and fresh by washing them often and drying them well before putting them in the linen closet with sachets of lavender. Make sure your linens are dried well by using a best rated dryer. The lavender sachets will keep them fragrant until its time to use them.

• Try flannel sheets for added warmth. During cold weather, you can add warmth to your bed by using flannel sheets. Flannel sheets have fluffy and soft texture to make your sleep more comfortable.

• Add a layer of softness and support with a memory foam topper. It is a block of memory foam that is two to four inches in thickness that is placed on top of your mattress for added comfort and support. Adding it to your bed will make your sleep more comfortable.

• Use quilted mattress cover. You can keep the memory foam in place by covering it with a quilted mattress cover that will also double as a fluffy cushion. Your bed will offer the utmost comfort with the addition of the memory foam topper and the quilted cover.

• Invest in a down comforter for snug snoozing. There are real down comforters and there are faux down comforters. A real down comforter is made from the plumules and fluffy clusters that are collected from beneath the feathers of ducks and geese. The fill power determines the quality of the down. A real and good down comforter must have a willpower of 600 or more for a warm and cosy sleep during winter.

• Use silk pillowcases. Using silk pillowcases instead of cotton will give the best and softest sleeping experience ever.

Make your bed your real nighttime oasis by adding all the luxuries you can put in it.

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Tips to Clean your Mattresses

Mattress-Cleaning-TipsPeople spend lots of time to clean their mattress. When you have a clean and comfortable mattress, you can get good sleep. It also makes sure that the person has proper sanitation and healthy living environment. It helps the person to prevent unwanted illness. Are you wondering how to maintain and clean your mattress? Well, it is simple to clean. You do not have to spend hours and hours but few hours every week or month. Here sharing some useful tips that help you in maintaining a clean and neat mattress.

If you wish to preserve your mattress from germs, you have to preserve it clean most times. It is best to make use of mattress protector. It is a piece of cloth or linen that wraps the entire mattress. It should always be in excellent condition. You need to protect the mattress from stains. It is common to see mattresses stained due to body fluids and accidental spills.

You need to wash the mattress protector regularly to avoid dust sticking on it or the mattress. The protectors are easily available at the warehouse stores, bedding dealers, mattress dealers and furniture dealers. Mattress bag is another form of protecting the mattress. It is one of the best options to clean and safeguard a mattress.

Another simple way to clean the mattress is using vacuum cleaner. It helps in eliminating dust and mites that may cause allergies like asthma and skin irritation. It is important to take the mites and dust using vacuum cleaner.

Citrus base liquids or lemon juice is effective to clean mattresses. Take a sponge and dip some lemon juice. Apply on the spot. Check the mattress for stains. When you scrub gently, the stain disappears. If you are purchasing a cleaning solution, you need to know ingredients. Some ingredients would remain harmful to the mattress. It can affect the quality of the mattress.

Do not dirty your mattress. Do not drink beverages or eat food on your bed. Bed is the place meant for sleep. When you drink food items, there are chances for spillage. It can cause unwanted odor and stains in the mattress.

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